L Exclusive is the first virtual
fashion house that unites
more than 45 countries
of the world.

“Fashion is the holy of holies. It reflects the transient social code and the eternal human desire to conquer matter and time,”
Frome said.

Our mission is to build a bridge over thousands of years: in each accessory we combine the ancient traditions of luxury, current fashion trends and high technologies of the 21st century.

For 5 years, our craftsmen studied the refined, almost forgotten techniques of Byzantium jewelers, the leather guilds of Florence, and cabinetmakers in the West Indies.

And with the same perfectionism we introduced high technologies and quality control of the 21st century into our production.

To create the dragon skin effect in our wooden accessories, we use computer modeling and laser cut and engraving.
Blockchaine software allows you to protect and confirm the authenticity of premium accessories in the same degree of reliability as banking operations.

Ultra-modern Japanese watch movements and spectacle lenses, framed with wood and precious stones, combine eco-trend and hi-tech together.

Thus, we believe that in each of our products there is a divine spark of true creativity and impeccable accuracy of digital.

LAIMA is a collective image of an ancient goddess, whose mention can be found in ancient manuscripts of Europe.

Her head is decorated with flowers or butterflies that inspire the artist. Or maybe snakes or spikes to stop the doubts of choice? She is beautiful in her whims, like a pretty woman, and wise, like nature-mother.

Treatments may be different, but our brand has one face and many entities,
which, in the whole variety of natural materials and computer algorithms,
reflect precisely your individual style and striving for perfection.