The ideology of Blockchain technology
and cryptographic protection applied by Laima exclusive

We are not the manufacturers of beautiful products stones, leather, precious metals and wood.

We create works of art for the exquisite tastes of our customers who know their own worth and want to find a worthy reflection of their unique personality and their ambitions in the exclusive luxury goods that they possess, to be sure of their quality and authenticity.

In order to emphasize the uniqueness of our products, in our production we use the most advanced scientific developments of identification through Blockchain technology.

Each customer, upon receiving a Laima exclusive product, using our mobile application can easily scan a QR code and confirm the ownership of the product, while receiving full information about the date and place of manufacture of the product, the materials used and their characteristics, price and other important information.

An important aspect is to provide a lifetime warranty on all Laima exclusive products. And here one cannot do without the most advanced technologies.

What are additional benefits
from Blockchain technology for
Laima exclusive products?

Control of all supply chains of all materials used in the product. An important factor here is its origin, the method of processing, storage and transportation. This determines its quality, safety and environmental friendliness.

Authentication of Laima exclusive products. We use cryptographic protection for all products, which protects our customers 100% from any kind of fakes and distortions of the quality and origin of the product.

Provision the members of the Laima exclusive club with access to closed limited offers from other well-known partner brands.

What is our vision of movement together with Blockcain technology?

This is to ensure maximum transparency of the quality, safety and origin of each component used in the product, whether it is thread, riveting, gold or diamond. We still have much to do and implement. However, we believe that only an honest, transparent and safe world can give happiness and comfort to all of us.