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The Provider took all necessary measures to prevent the placement on the website of content containing, describing or depicting scenes or situations of physical or psychological abuse or those that, depending on the perception of users of the website laima-exclusive.com, may be considered to be offensive with regard to civilians beliefs, human rights and self-esteem, in all their forms and expressions. The Provider does not guarantee that the contents of the website are allowed or legal in other countries outside Italy. In cases where the content is considered unlawful or illegal in some of these countries, we ask you not to visit this website, and if you still decide to visit the website, we hereby inform you that you will be exclusively and personally liable for the use of the services offered on the website laima-exclusive website.com.

The Provider took all possible measures to ensure the accuracy of content of the website laima-exclusive.com that does not display incorrect or outdated information in relation to the date of publication on the website and, as far as possible, to further publications. The Provider shall not be liable to users for the accuracy and completeness of the content published on the website laima-exclusive.com, with the exception of liability for violation of legal rights and gross negligence to the extent stipulated by law.

The provider cannot guarantee to users the continuous operation of the website, without interruptions and errors related to connecting to the Internet. In case of any problem in using our website, please contact our Customer Service or send a letter to the e-mail address: support@laima-exclusive.com. The Provider's representative will assist you in restoring access to this website as far as possible. However, we advise you to contact your Internet provider and/or to verify the proper configuration of all devices for providing Internet connection and access to web content (including the Internet browser used). Although the Provider will make every effort to ensure continuous access to its own website, the dynamic nature of the Internet and web content may not allow the online boutique laima-exclusive.com to work without interference, interruptions or failures related to the website updating process.

The Provider has taken the necessary technical and organizational security measures to ensure the protection of services on the website laima-exclusive.com, the security of data related to traffic, and electronic messages, in order to prevent unauthorized use or access to data, as well as to prevent the risk of distribution, destruction or loss of data and confidential/non-confidential information regarding users of the website laima-exclusive.com, and to prevent unauthorized or illegal access to such data and information.


The Provider has an established business policy, and our mission is to sell goods through the services and the Provider’s website exclusively to the “end-use customer”. “End-use customer” is any private individual who performs actions on the website laima-exclusive.com for purposes not related to his/her own commercial, entrepreneurial or professional activity (if this person is engaged in this activity). If you are not the end-use customer, please do not use the services of the website to purchase goods in the online boutique laima-exclusive.com. Otherwise, the Provider shall be entitled to refuse to process purchase orders carried out by persons who are not end-use customers, as well as any other orders that do not comply with the requirements of the Terms of Sale and these Terms of Use.


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