Your Laima exclusive product, made of carefully selected, exquisite materials, is hand-made by the best craftsmen of our ateliers according to the highest quality standards. A similar approach is the quality mark of Laima exclusive House. We value our products and believe that they deserve worthy care on your part. By following some guidelines, you can enjoy your product for a long time.

To preserve the beauty of your product over time, we advise you to let it “rest” because constant, continuous use can cause permanent damage to the product.

We recommend you to protect leather products from direct contact with water, oils, perfumes, direct exposure to light and heat, high humidity and sudden changes in temperature, both high and low. Continuous contact with the above substances and continuous use under the specified conditions can lead to unwanted damage to the product and premature deterioration. If the product gets in contact with water, immediately wipe it with a dry, soft cloth to prevent absorption.

Constant contact with hard surfaces (floors, flooring, carpets, walls) can also lead to cracks and abrasions at the bends, seams and places of the most frequent contact of the product with a hard surface. In case of long-term contact with materials capable of painting the surface of the product, traces and spots of corresponding colors may appear on the skin or canvas. We recommend you to avoid such exposure in order to maintain the original appearance of your product.

Laima exclusive is proud of its handicraft and exceptional attention to customer needs. We are always glad to give you recommendations regarding the care of our products.


Over time, you may notice that the skin of which the Laima exclusive product is made becomes softer, and patina appears on the surface - this process is a characteristic of natural skin. Moreover, such natural processes prove that the item you bought is unique and genuine. Therefore, each new wrinkle is like a memory that will last for years.

To avoid losing the shape of the product, do not overfill it. To protect the product when not in use, store it in the supplied non-woven case. Storage in boxes or in close proximity to heat sources is strictly not recommended since this can dry the skin out.


Genuine leather of various kinds is a material used for creating Laima exclusive products. The highest quality is the characteristic feature of various skin types: over time, a light, barely noticeable natural pattern appears on it.

This delicate skin over time acquires various additional visual properties that are unique to each bag. Natural skin changes are the proof of the authenticity of an item.

If moisture gets on the surface of a leather product, it must be immediately wiped with a light cloth that absorbs moisture well and leaves no lint. It is strictly recommended not to use solvents, chemicals, mink grease, saddle oil and other lotions to clean or impregnate the product. If you see stains on your product before the natural patina appears, do not try to clean the product but let the product darken over time, and the stains will become less noticeable. These chemicals can cause irreparable damage to the skin.

To create Laima exclusive products, we carefully select only the finest leather samples that are especially valued for their unsurpassed qualities.


Exotic skin types are very sensitive to moisture and direct contact with water, as they are naturally processed. Avoid contact with water and any other liquids that may leave visible spots on the surface of the product. If moisture gets on the surface of a leather product, it must be immediately wiped with a light cloth that absorbs moisture well and leaves no lint. Exposure to direct sunlight should also be avoided. Crocodile, python, and lizard leather products are particularly sensitive to moisture and heat since this can lead to flaking. We recommend you not to use cleaning products or materials that may leave stains on the product.

Products decorated with feathers, rhinestones, sequins or painted in colors with a metallic shade require special care and cleaning using only light, soft, lint-free cloth.